GOVTOOLS - W. S. Spotswood & Sons, Inc.

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Springfield, Virginia 22151

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W. S. Spotswood & Sons, Inc., dba GOVTOOLS, is a family owned firm that specializes in the sale and marketing of tools, tactical goods and industrial products to agencies and activities of the United States Government. GOVTOOLS represents over 20 different companies for their Government sales. GOVTOOLS clients are manufacturers of portable power and non-powered hand tools, cutting tools, tool cabinets, tactical gear, vitamin supplements and more.

William S. Spotswood, Sr. founded GOVTOOLS in 1970 after having worked as the Government Sales Manager for various manufacturers of portable electric and pneumatic power tools over the previous 18 years. Mr. Spotswood realized at that time that his extensive government sales expertise could be optimized by working as an independent representative for multiple companies selling products in the Government market rather than as a full time employee of a single company.

The Government market is very different from the commercial market. Companies need expertise in this market in order to maximize their sales potential while complying with the various rules and regulations that are unique to Government procurements. To this end, GOVTOOLS functions as the de facto “Government Sales Department” for its clients, providing a full range of sales, marketing and administrative services on a commission compensation basis.

The principals and co-owners of GOVTOOLS are William S. Spotswood, Jr. (Bill) and J. Randall Spotswood (Randy). The Spotswood brothers have worked together at GOVTOOLS for over 35 years, and now represent over 20 companies for their direct government sales.

The Spotswood’s are supported by a very capable and experienced administrative staff in their office in Springfield, Virginia located just outside of Washington, DC.

Bill Spotswood earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Virginia School of Engineering in 1973 and received his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Virginia School of Law in 1976. Bill Spotswood started with GOVTOOLS in 1976 upon graduation from law school.

Randy Spotswood earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce (finance) from the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia in 1977. Randy Spotswood started immediately with GOVTOOLS in 1977 after graduation from college.

The combined engineering, law and business education of Bill and Randy Spotswood, together with the practical experience of being focused solely on sales of commercial products to the U.S. Government over the past 35 years, enables GOVTOOLS to provide the highest level of expertise to their clients.